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Our plumbing department features everything you'll need for repairs & set-ups in your kitchen & bath. We stock kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower heads, water & furnace filters, emergency water pumps, and more. We also have an extensive line of toilet seats.

Is your toilet or drain backed up? We carry line of supplies from plungers, augers & liquid drain cleaners. 

Looking for that hard-to-find item? We carry items for your laundry hookups, washing machine hoses & dryer vent cleaning kits.

Doody Home Centers trusted plumbing brands include:

  • Fluidmaster®

  • Honeywell®

  • Mayfair®

  • Pequa®

  • Whedon®

  • WaterPik®

  • Pur®

  • Brita®

  • Drano®

  • Floweasy®

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