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Making sure your home is as clean as possible can be tough when you run out of the right cleaning products! Our housewares department offers several MUST-HAVE items for your home!  Cleaning supplies, kitchen tools and supplies including small appliances are just some examples of what we carry!  We also stock a full line of Ball canning and hobby supplies for those who love DIY projects!

From large to small cleaning projects, we carry cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms, and all of the latest products from Swiffer, Lysol and SE Johnson! Separating recycles from regular trash can get a little confusing when you have two of the same pails, at Doody Home Center in Brooklyn we carry a full array of trash cans, recycling bins and bags of all sizes for your home!

Laundry rooms can quickly turn into a disaster without the proper organization!  At Doody Home Centers we have a full array of laundry baskets, ironing boards, irons and anything you need to set up an outside clothesline! You can also Depend on Doody’s to supply you with all of your baking needs, come to Doody Home Center and check out our line of
Bakers Secret pots, pans and utensils! 

We carry a variety of housewares products by these top brands:

  • Lysol®

  • Kennedy®

  • Sterelite®

  • Evriholder®

  • OCedar®

  • Unger®

  • Sprayway®

  • Guardsman®

  • Rubbermaid®

  • Pyrex®

  • Quickie®

  • SC Johnson®

  • Bona®

  • Swiffer®

  • Ekco®

  • Homz®

  • Richards®

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